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Nearest Photo Booth

Are you searching for ‘Nearest Photo Booth’? Do you need a Photo Booth for Wedding in Long Beach, CA? Then you need to call Celebrity Photo Booth. Our prices start as low as $230 for great entertainment for you and your guests.

If you’re looking for the ‘Nearest Photo Booth’, then you might be thinking that you want something a little different at your next party. You could run around trying to take pictures of all of your guests, but then you wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself. We serve the Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas and when you Photo Booth for Wedding  we want you to look to us. You don’t want to spend all of your time trying to track down everyone that you want a picture of. You also don’t want to be that annoying person trying to get people to pose when they really don’t want to. A photo booth is a great way to get pictures of your guests on their own terms and in a way that is fun for them.

Take a look at our website at to see some examples of the fun photos that we have captured of past customers. You can see that because they decided to go to the photo booth they were relaxed and the pictures turn out so much better because they’re having a good time. Our booth is compact so it won’t take up tons of space, but it still allows several people to get in a picture together. We have a friendly staff member available at all times to ensure that everything is working properly and that your guests get great shots. We have a variety of packages and props to make the whole thing turn out great. We offer very reasonable prices and a lot of fun. If you’re in the Long Beach, CA, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, or the surrounding areas and with prices starting at $230, there is no reason to not call now!.

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